Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Reading

I love books and I love to learn about nutrition, veganism, and other health topics. Many people ask me to recommend books to them about the vegan lifestyle. I also get requests about vegetarianism ... I was vegetarian for 7 years before becoming a vegan. I would rather someone start with a vegan book even if they aren't ready to go straight into being a vegan because there is always room to grow! I've found that most people that start with being vegetarian will eventually go vegan so it's better to at least educate yourself on the lifestyle even if you continue to consume eggs and dairy. Most of these authors have websites and I've included the links for you. You can get free recipes and learn more about their books.

These are my most fave vegan books:

This book is a plan that will allow you to try veganism for three weeks, that is how long it takes for you to get used to change. Three weeks is a good amount of time for you to re-train your taste buds and to start seeing some health benefits of a life without animal products. There is also a great website about the 21 Day Kickstart. 
A couple times a year they host a free online program that you can sign up for. Every day they will email you recipes, videos and vegan celebrity pages with lots of info. I've done the program twice even tho I am already a vegan.
The Engine 2 Diet is especially good to help men make a change into becoming vegan. The book is by a pro athlete turned firefighter who happens to be the son of renowned cardiologist, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. There are lots of easy and manly recipes! Rip's website.
The vegan bible! This cookbook is one of the most popular vegan cookbooks available. I've only made a few things from it but it's definitely one to get if you love to cook. Isa has an amazing website.

A tough love approach to all things vegan. This book will empower you to dedicate yourself to the vegan lifestyle and it is not for the faint of heart. This is the book I go to when I need to remind myself why I'm choosing this lifestyle and why it's more important than ever.
This is my most favorite information book. Chock full of scientific info on nutrients and vitamins, this is a solid go-to book for vegans. I think it's one every vegan should own.
If you want to go vegan for health reasons, this is the book for you. Dr. Barnard makes a convincing case for the new four food groups - whole grains, veggies, fruits and legumes.
Another favorite, Alicia's book is a gentle teaching of why being vegan is important for the animals, for your health and for the health of the planet. She's tough when she needs to be but she also comes across as the perfect first vegan friend you need as you start your journey. She talks about three stages - flirting (dipping your toe into being vegan), vegan (taking on a no animal product lifestyle) and superhero (more of a macrobiotic diet). The recipes are great. Alicia also has a website, The Kind Life
I liked the Skinny Bitch series, which I also recommend if you are tough enough to handle it.  I was excited to get Kim's new book. It has fantastic recipes and photos along with lots of information about  food ingredients, food shopping and the vegan lifestyle. Kim has a website, Healthy Bitch Daily

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  1. Great book list! I havent read the Engine 2 diet though...I need to read it!