Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Shelly's Coconut Shake

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This morning when I was deciding what type of smoothie to make for myself, I saw that I had some coconut milk leftover in the fridge so I figured I needed to use that up and I had a great idea .....

Back before my plant eating days, I used to love to get a coconut shake at a local chain place called Beef a Roo. They are known for their large menu of shake flavors and I really wanted to try and replicate that thick, rich, creamy, nothing but coconut flavor in a healthy, vegan way.

I think I did it!

There is a little bit of plan ahead prep here - coconut milk ice cubes! These will change your smoothie life! Last week, I made some peanut sauce and had half a can of leftover coconut milk that I didn't want to waste so I poured it into ice cube trays and froze them to add to smoothies.  Don't use regular ice in this. It will water it down. Make the effort to make the coconut milk ice cubes.. they will be delicious in any smoothie you make!

Shelly's Coconut Shake

6 oz cocont milk (the canned kind, shake it before opening)
2 oz almond milk (I used unsweetened vanilla)
1 frozen banana
2 coconut milk ice cubes
1 tbsp maple syrup
dash sea salt

Combine in a blender until smooth. This should be thick like an ice cream shake.


Add in some vanilla protein powder for a boost.
Add in cacao to get a chocolate coconut shake.
Add in some pineapple for a Pina Colada shake.

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