Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tips for Going Plant Based - Take it one step at a time.

When I saw this illustration, I thought it needed it's own blog post! This illustration can apply to any change... like exercise. However, I'm going to talk about the stages of moving towards a plant based diet.

Which step are you on? What will you do today to move up a step?

I Won't Do it.

This person has no interest in a plant based diet. They live on junky processed food, lots of cheese and dairy. They think a meal isn't a meal without a slab of flesh or a pile of body parts on their plate. They rarely eat vegetables and drinking water is a punishment. They refuse to cook and they make excuses like they are too busy or they can't afford to eat healthy food. This person hasn't taken the time to think about their food. They make fun of those following a plant based diet and they try to make excuses against eating healthy. They give advice when they know nothing of the topics relating to diet, exercise and nutrition. They think life is short so they should just eat all the shit they want because death is coming anyway.

I Can't Do It

This person doesn't have the self belief and courage that change can actually happen. They think they couldn't live without cheese or ice cream. They think life isn't worth living without 6 cans of soda a day. They think change is too hard and too far beyond their reach. They give up without trying because they can't handle disappointment. They don't understand that they choose their reality. They live in a prison of excuses because it's easier than trying to break free.

I Want To Do It

This person has started to use their brain a little. They are open to hearing about plant based diets. They start to think that maybe it actually makes some sense. They see others that have lost weight and gained health. They see that a plant based diet prevents and reverses disease. They are curious. They think that maybe.. it could be something they could do.

How Do I Do It?

This person wants to put their desire into action. They are hungry for knowledge and insight. This person will seek out books, lectures, documentaries and articles about choosing a plant based lifestyle. (ie: Forks Over Knives).  They will research both sides to find their truths and their experts.They will start reaching out to others who are more knowledgeable and ask questions. They will seek guidance. They are open to trying new foods and recipes.

I'll Try To Do It

They want to believe that choosing to eat a plant based diet is what will finally bring them to the light of breaking through their pain, disease, health and weight issues so they decide to commit to a plant based diet.  They will tell themselves that they will try for a certain period of time in order to test the waters to see if change can happen and that the change probably isn't permanent because nothing has every worked before.

I Can Do It

This person is successful during their test period and they begin to see the changes in their weight and well-being. They now have the self esteem to be stronger and more courageous. They begin to see what may come to them if they continue. They understand that it's only as hard as you make it and soon their previous excuses can hold no water.

I Will Do It

This person understands that change is real. They feel better, they look better, their issues have lessened. Perhaps they have gotten off medication, had an increase in their energy level, seen a favorable change in their blood work or gone down a size in their jeans. They come to understand that plant based eating is the key to opening the door to health, and a happy life free from disease, weight issues and medication. It can be done if you choose to do it, if you want to do it.. you will do it.

Yes, I Did it!

This person is living comfortably in a plant based lifestyle. The know how simple it is. How easy it is. They understand they will do this for the rest of their life. They will encourage others to dip their toe in the test waters to see what changes they can bring for themselves. They are the knowledge. They are wisdom.

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