Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Going Vegan Has Taught Me - People Are Completely Unaware.

This blog post is for all the meat eating, dairy tossing, unhealthy 
lifestyle folks. You need to make a change.

I don't eat that much meat.
I don't eat that much dairy.
I don't eat that many eggs.
I don't eat that much sugar.
I don't eat that many processed foods.
I don't drink that much coffee.
I don't drink that much alcohol.
I don't consume that much high fructose corn syrup.
I don't smoke that many cigarettes.
I don't eat that much fast food.
I don't eat that many cookies.
I don't drink that much soda.
I don't eat out that much.
I don't have that much money to spend on healthy food.

I'd love for you to spend one week paying attention to what you consume... perhaps keep a food journal. Food journals can open your eyes to your reality. They can help you pinpoint what areas need attention. 

I'm not saying change what you consume.. just become aware. Be honest. Write it all down.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people utter one (or many) of the statements above. Often times, they utter those statements right after or as they are consuming those very items. Open your eyes. Open your brain..... learn.

Think about your daily life.... how many meals do you have some sort of meat? some dairy? what products have eggs in them? do you read labels and know how many grams of sugar is in the food you eat? do you know the maximum number of grams of sugar you should have in a day? how many of the things you eat on a daily basis have more than a few ingredients? do you know what those ingredients actually are? can you tell me which foods in your house have high fructose corn syrup in them? how many grams of protein should you consume each day? which fruits and veggies should you buy organic? how many beers or glasses of wine do you have in a week? how many cigarettes do you smoke each day? when you have cookies, do you have a serving of 2 or do you eat 5? how many cans of soda do you have in a day, a week a month? how much do bananas cost per pound? how many Triscuits are in a serving? how much does a pound of brown rice cost? how about a pound of beans?

Start reading labels. Start paying attention to ingredients and portion sizes. Start measuring and counting things. Start looking at the prices on the food you buy .. or the food you avoid buying. 

Make a list of the foods you throw out each week.

Next time you go shopping... divide the junk from the healthy stuff in your cart and then add up the cost of the junk you place in your cart. Compare the price of the whole wheat bread to the processed white bread. Go and look at the prices of the foods you tell me you can't afford to buy

Look at how much money you'd save if you stopped buying alcohol, cigarettes, chips, cookies, meat, dairy, fancy coffee drinks, fast food and processed foods.

Did you know ... a salad dressing serving is one to two tablespoons?  one serving of Girl Scouts cookies is usually 2 cookies? a serving of cheese is 1 oz? a serving of meat is 3 oz? a 20 ounce bottle of soda is 2.5 servings? a standard container of oatmeal has 30 servings in it? a serving of most boxed cereal is 3/4 of a cup? a serving of ice cream is 1/2 cup.

It's time.

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