Friday, May 4, 2012

The Dilemma

I often get private messages from people curious about plant based eating. I get recipe requests or questions about how to start the plant based journey and I get various other questions that are very specific. This last week, I got two similar questions from two different people so I thought I'd post about it since it seems to be a topic people are thinking about.

The question is this .. "is it ok to eat eggs and drink milk if they came from a local farm of someone I know or am related to or if I myself have cows and chickens?" "Is it ok to buy meat from a local farmer?"

The answer isn't black and white because every person is different in what they find acceptable regarding morals, ethics and compassion.


If you yourself have chickens or you have a family member or neighbor or even just a local farmer that has them and you know that they are being treated well, have access to the outdoors, are being fed quality feed and have a good life by whatever standards you set, then is it ok to eat their eggs?

It depends on your thought process. For me, the answer is still no because it is my belief that eating eggs is bad for my health. I've done enough research to know that my personal truth is that eating eggs is not something that is a healthy food choice. They are full of cholesterol and that is bad for my heart. Plus, when you think about what an egg IS, it's gross and I simply can't stomach eating it.

Now, if you don't care about your health and the sole deciding factor is whether or not the chickens are treated well, then you may decide that as long as you buy eggs from a source that you deem is humane then it's ok to eat eggs. I think people want to make themselves feel better because they have a natural guilt within themselves.. they think if they only eat 'cruelty free' eggs then it's somehow ok .. it eases their mind.

Only you can decide that.


Here is where it gets tricky. In case you have forgotten, in order for a mammal to produce milk, it must be pregnant or have just given birth. The purpose of that milk is to feed a baby. Cows are mammals, just like humans so the reason their bodies produce milk is because they have a baby coming. If the baby drinks the milk as intended then humans can't drink it so humans remove the baby and steal the milk for themselves.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that you now have this leftover baby. No dairy farmer is going to keep an animal around for the hell of it so the boy babies are slaughtered as veal while the girl babies are returned into a life of slavery like their mommies. Cows are forcibly impregnated (we call that rape), have their babies stolen from them and are forced to endure that horror for 4 to 6 years years until they are finally spent and finally sent to slaughter. A cow has a life expectancy of 20 years when they aren't tortured and used.

So, under no circumstances can milk and dairy ever be considered 'ok' as far as the treatment of the cows. You cannot get milk without depriving the baby of it's food source.

The other obvious point is that milk and dairy products are not healthy to consume. In fact, milk and dairy are probably the worst thing you can consume. It's full of cholesterol and saturated fat and the sole purpose of milk is to make a baby cow very fat in a short period of time. Milk is full of disgusting things like blood, pus, hormones, and antibiotics. Cheese has all those things plus the stomach lining of a calf. Yum.

I won't get into the specifics of why you shouldn't eat dairy. There is study after study about why you shouldn't so if you really care enough to learn, go Google it. Inform yourself! I know that I felt 100% better when I stopped eating dairy. My husband lost a fast 20 lbs by cutting back on it to where he really only has dairy a few times a month.


Well, this one is easy for me. I don't care if the farmer lets the cows, pigs and chickens sleep in his bed, lets them graze on a million open pastures and puts diamonds around their necks .. in order to get it's flesh it must be slaughtered.  It doesn't matter that they had a couple years of lazily chomping on grass in a pasture with trees or were allowed to roll around in a mud hole or had a nest and were able to peck along in the dirt.


That person is still killing (or sending it off to be killed at the same slaughterhouses that the factory farms use) a being that looked to him for care, that did what he asked of it, that never tried to hurt him.

You are ingesting a being that was led to it's death while absolutely terrified. It was beaten and tortured and forced into it's final walk to it's death and it was subjected to hearing the fear and dying sounds of it's fellow beings while waiting for it's own death. They know what is coming. They are sentient. Most are brutally butchered while still conscious.

My body is not a graveyard and I don't want to consume something so full of fear and pain. I think it's karma.What you put into your health, you get out of it. You poison your body with fear, pain, torture, death and suffering.... you'll reap what you sow in the form of preventable cancers, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and other illnesses. Plus, it's just bad energy.

It is your personal choice what you put into your body but if people become aware and educated, I believe people will start taking control over their health and stop walking blindly along the path they've been led down since childhood.

Start to question what you've been told. Stop taking the word of the those that have something to gain from telling you lies and propaganda. Start making choices that will benefit you rather than destroy you ... if you don't want to do it for yourself then do it for the people you love and the people that love you. You have responsibilities to your family to be around as long as possible.

 If poisoning yourself is your choice then at least get some life insurance on yourself.

Life, Love and Compassion

Finally, I am saddened by the lack of simple compassion I see all around me. People tell me they love animals and yet they eat them. What they mean is that they 'love' some animals and are indifferent to others.

If you love the taste of bacon and don't give a shit about the lives taken to supply you with it, then admit it and own it but don't tell me you love animals and then turn around and eat one.

You don't eat what you love.

I believe we are taught to compartmentalize and shut ourselves off from our decency and compassion as children... most children are horrified to learn what a hamburger is and instead of encouraging them to abstain from eating animals, we force them to overlook their inherent nature of not eating them and make them eat them. Why? because that is just how it's always been.

What if everything you thought was true .... isn't?  Go watch The Matrix.

Take the red pill.

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