Friday, May 18, 2012

Original Recipe - Cheesy Corn Puffs

I'm not sure this is an actual recipe as you can do whatever you want to get your desired flavor result.

My Facebook friend and fellow veganista, Michelle, lives around the world from me and she can't get some of the vegan things, like Tings (a vegan cheeto type snack) so this is for her.. but I suspect she can't even get her hands on the corn puffs either. Sorry babe!

I bought a bag of the Jay's O Ke Doke Corn Puffs and then I poured some into a large freezer size baggie along with a couple tablespoons of nutritional yeast and a buncha cranks of the Trader Joe's South African Smoke grinder and shook it like hell until the corn puffs were coated in cheesy, smoky goodness!

You can make whatever flavor you like.. I'm thinking nutritional yeast and garlic powder or flamin' hot with chili powder and nutritional yeast!

Have some for Michelle!

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