Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recipe: Warm Fudge Cups

I love fudge. I mean, I really love fudge and going vegan wasn't going to stop me from indulging in my favorite sweet treat!

I know it's nothing but sugar but sometimes a girl just needs fudge. Truly. Seriously. For real.

I really like my fudge warm. I like to eat it with a little spoon so I can take tiny bites. I usually have it while I'm watching some mindless TV show.

Usually I'll make fudge and pour it into a pan and then just cut chunks off and microwave it slightly so it softens enough for me to mix up any number of delicious spoon fudge creations. I'm never one to stick with one kind so I keep my options open!

One idea I had was to make individual fudge cups so I could simply microwave one up and be good to go!

You can use your favorite fudge recipe. I used the Walnut Chocolate Fudge recipe from the Chloe's Kitchen Cookbook. My policy on handing over recipes is this - if I can find the recipe online elsewhere then I'll post it here, otherwise you're on your own because if I had a cookbook and everyone gave out the recipes for free, I'd be pissed so I'm not doing it to the authors. Her book is fabulous and you should just buy it anyway.. on Amazon.com it's under $12 so just go get it.

Anyway,  make your fave fudge recipe and then divide it into individual portions using silicone cupcake pans. I sprayed each cup lightly with cooking spray because I figured it couldn't hurt. Then you can flavor each cup how you'd like. I made rocky road with vegan marshmallows and walnut pieces and peanut butter with a dollop of peanut butter in the middle. You could also make them with crushed peppermint candies, broken Oreos or whatever else you can think of. Then you refrigerate them about 24 hours until very firm otherwise they won't pop out very well. You can probably freeze them to make them set quicker.

Pop them out, wrap each in a piece of plastic wrap (or in a baggie) and store in the fridge.

If you don't have the silicone pans you could pour your fudge in a large pan (line it with parchment paper for easy removal) and then position your add-ins on each 'piece', refrigerate and then cut them into individual squares. Let me know if you try that!

When you want to eat one, just pop one out, warm it slightly, mix it up and dig in with your tiny spoon!

It's pure nirvana. I promise. Warm is the only way to eat fudge!

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