Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You, Sir... are NO LION!

Meat eaters love to liken themselves to carnivores. Humans are not carnivores. In fact,  biologically, humans are herbivores. If you look at our nails, our teeth, our jaws, our digestive tract, digestive juices, and our intestinal track, it matches that of an herbivore, not a carnivore and not an omnivore.

Check out the chart below.

Humans have chosen to be omnivores, which basically means 'humans eat anything' but I think we all know that just because you can eat something, doesn't mean you should.

I'm looking at you, Cinnabon!

If humans were carnivores or even 'natural' omnivores as some argue (meaning biologically designed eat both plants and animals, like bears, raccoons, and chickens) then seeing road kill would make you want to stop and eat it or seeing a horse in a pasture would make you want to stop and kill it for dinner. Does that describe you? I sure hope not.

I had to adjust the size of the chart to fit here so I realize this chart might be hard to read here on the blog.. so please click here to see a bigger version. It's fascinating. Hard to argue with the facts, man.

The Lion Defense

When a meat eater uses the lion defense it irritates me. There is a big difference between a lion killing a zebra and a human killing a cow. Lions killing zebras is natural. Humans killing cows, is not. It's what we've been conditioned to do through the generations. It comes back to the child equation - if you put a child in a room with an apple and a rabbit ... the child will play with the rabbit and eat the apple. Not the other way around.

1. Lions don't breed zebras in captivity.
2. Lions kill one zebra at a time as needed. One lion kills around 15 animals a year. Lions are scavengers the rest of the time. The get 40% of their meat  from dead animals or stealing from other carnivores.
3. Lions don't torture and neglect the zebra before killing it.
4. Zebras have the possibility of escaping from the lion.
5. Lions kill their prey as swiftly as possible.
6. Lions eat their prey raw and they eat all of it - even the hide and the hair.  Without condiments.
7. Lions catch, kill and eat their prey without the use of tools, traps, weapons or a grill.
8. Lions swallow their food whole.

1. Humans breed herd animals because herd animals don't fight back. Why do you think humans use cows for milk instead of a lion? There is no nutritional need for the milk of other mammals. Cows were chosen because they are docile and can be easily exploited.

2. Humans kill more animals than they need and hundreds of thousands of pounds of flesh is thrown away and wasted on a daily basis .. making the sacrifice of that animal's life even more horrible and senseless.

3. Humans routinely torture and neglect the animals they keep for food.

4. Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and other food animals have no means of escape from humans because we keep them captive.

5. Humans love to believe they have 'humane' slaughter. There is no such thing. Food animals must have a beating heart in order to bleed out at slaughter so 'humane' apparently means 'knocked unconscious'  but that doesn't always happen. It is very common for animals to still be awake and aware as they are being butchered - sliced open, bled and chopped up. At the very least.. animals are still alive even if they are knocked out.

6. Humans are not true carnivores since they do not eat their flesh raw and they only eat certain parts of the corpse. Humans must cook the flesh of animals in order to make it safer for consumption. Humans season their flesh in order to make it edible. Humans use ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, salsa, herbs, and spices.. which are all PLANTS. so.. humans use plants to make their rotting flesh edible.

7. Humans require tools and traps and weapons to catch an animal and while it's possible they might be able to kill certain animals with their bare hands, they'd need tools in order to dismember and eat one and they'd surely need fire to cook it. When was the last time you saw a lion with a Weber?

8. Humans must chew, a lot. In fact, humans don't chew as much as they should. Read this!

So, if you are a meat eater using this tired old debate.. you can stop now.

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