Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Original Recipe: Cookies & Cream Mousse

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Did you know that Oreo cookies are vegan?

Yep.. of course, choosing a less junky brand of creme filled sandwich cookies, like Back to Nature or Newman's is better but you can use Oreo cookies here as well.

This is rich and decadent, full of dark chocolate flavor and full of protein.

Protein?! Yep!

Super quick and easy to make with just a few ingredients, this will fool all your meat eating friends and your suspicious kids! Just don't let them see you making it!

I make this into a pie (sans the added cookies) by pouring it into a cookie crust and one time I took this to a gathering and didn't tell anyone what it was beyond a simple 'it's a chocolate cream pie' ... I sat and watched a friend, his wife and their 4 kids eat and enjoy this while he made the proclamation that he'd never eat tofu.

When he was done, I broke the news and then he and his wife argued over who was going to get the last piece.

You can make this without adding the cookies but they add a nice treat feel to it.

This recipe can be adjusted for your personal taste in sweetness and level of chocolate. Start with 8 oz of chocolate and then taste test it. Add in the other if you want it. You may not want or need the maple syrup as the sugar in the chocolate may be enough for you. You can also sub agave for the maple syrup if you want to.

Cookies & Cream Mousse

1 pkg silken extra firm tofu (12 oz), drained
8 oz to 12 oz semi sweet chocolate chips, melted
2  tsp maple syrup, optional
1 tsp vanilla
pinch or two of sea salt
cream filled sandwich cookies, like Oreos

Melt the chocolate chips and set aside.

Place drained tofu in your food processor along with a pinch of salt and the melted chocolate chips. Blend until super smooth and fully blended. Taste test and decide if you want more chocolate and/or the maple syrup added in.

I like to make individual servings of 1/3 a cup mousse with 2 broken Oreo cookies (did you know that 2 Oreo cookies is a serving? yea.. not an entire row!) and I like my Oreo cookies to be crunchy in the mousse so add the cookies right before serving unless you want softened cookies!

You can pour this into a cookie crust for a pie or even use it to make a trifle!

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