Sunday, July 1, 2012

Respecting All Life.

Loving Animals Doesn't Mean I Hate Mankind.

One thing that frustrates me is when someone thinks that I love animals more than people.. .in some individual cases, that is true.... when we are talking about a specific animal abuser but being an advocate for the rights of animals doesn't mean I don't care about humans and their rights. 

That is like saying I can't shop at Old Navy because I shop at Target or I can't like apples because I like bananas. It makes no sense to have to choose who you love, support and care about. 

I can have my vegan cake and eat it too.... 

Why can't I love the planet and all it's inhabitants? Why is it some people think if I don't want to eat animals it's because I hate my fellow humans? It isn't about having to choose who I love more - animals or people.... love and kindness and decency isn't about picking and choosing who is worthy of those things.

If it lives... it should be respected.

If you have a heart that is capable of loving one being, you can love another. Clearly, there are many people who think they must pick and choose.. people are constantly closing themselves off from feeling anything for living beings not of our species. 

I invite everyone to sit down and really THINK about the topic of eating animals and animal ingredients like dairy and eggs. Search your belief system and heart and write down why you can keep a dog as a pet but eat a chicken. Why can you be anti-abortion but still drink milk when you know the horror of the mother cows who have their babies taken away? Why are you enraged when you see an abused or neglected pet but not equally enraged to see cows, pigs and chickens treated the same way or even be victims of far worse cruelty on a massive scale every single day? Why can you find eating veal so wrong when you can eat a steak?  Why is eating a pigeon so distasteful when you don't think twice about eating a chicken? How can you save a baby bird or bunny and then turn around and smash a bug or kill trap a mouse?

How can you respect life in one form and yet disregard it in another? What allows that divide within you?

Doesn't that divide scare the hell out of you? Don't you wonder how you can just shut yourself down from feeling empathy towards certain living beings?

Why have you elevated some species like dogs and cats to special privilege of being family members while eating others like cows and pigs and then deciding some species are not worth your kindness or worth eating, like rats or woodchucks?

I no longer consume animals or animal products and I can't even tell you how amazing it feels to know that my body is not a graveyard. My choice of diet doesn't cause suffering, fear, pain, abuse, neglect and death.

Kindness towards all living things is how you find inner peace. Harm no one.

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